How to add and manage team members? | Mopinion - Support

How to add and manage team members?

Adding and creating new users is different depending on which package you're using. For the enterprise accounts, the support team is available to add and create new users.

Enterprise accounts can send an email to

If you have a (turbo) Growth package and you want to add and/or create new users, please follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to 'Settings' and click on 'Users'.

Step 2

Once you click this, you will see a page with an 'Add User' button. Click on 'Add user' to create a user.

Step 3

Fill in the first and last name and choose the 'level' of the user: 

- Administrator: (self-service) has access to everything

- Normal: this account has more limited access. The user only has reading rights, meaning they can't delete actions, create and/or delete users, feedback forms, deployment conditions and charts. They can however assign actions to other team members.

Then fill in the email and check the box 'Send email?' to send a confirmation with login details to the created user.

Now click on 'Submit'.

Well done, you're now able to create users.