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How do I install Mopinion with Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a free tag management system. Instead of implementing the Mopinion script directly into your webpages HTML code, you can install the tag manager script once and control the Mopinion script from within Google.

To install and use Google Tag Manger please follow these steps below.


After you've logged in with your Google account you'll be asked to create an account which makes it possible to manage your tags. In these instructions, 'Mopinion Experience' will be used as the account name and 'Mopinion Experience Website' will be used as container name.

Step 1

Select [new account]


Step 2

Type the account name and select [next]


Step 3

Type the container name, select [Web Pages], specify your time zone and select [Create Account and Container]. Note: there is no need to add a domain.


Step 4

Select [I Accept] to the Terms of Service Agreement.

Step 5

The code created needs to be implemented on every page of the website on which you want to run the Mopinion software. Copy the code and paste it after the opening tag in the HTML of every page of your website.


The tag that will be created is called ‘Sales Funnel Exit’ and will be placed in the container ‘Mopinion Experience Website’. The tag will have a rule ‘Exit Behavior’ to specify when it should be 'fired'.

Step 1

Select the container


Step 2

Select [new]

Step 3

Select [Tag] from the dropdown menu 

Step 4

Type in the tag name

Step 5

Select the tag type: Custom HTML Tag.

Step 6

Copy the Mopinion script and paste it into the HTML textbox.


Step 7

Select [+Add] Firing Rules to create a rule for firing the tag.


Step 8

A lay over will appear displaying a menu.

Step 9

Select the radio button ‘Create new rule’.

Step 10

Type in the Rule Name, set up the condition for firing the tag and select [Save].

Step 11

Select [Save] to finalise the tag.


Step 12

The created tag will appear in the menu ‘Container Draft Overview’ under the ‘Tags’ tab.


Step 1


In the Container Draft Overview section select [Create Version].


Step 2

Select [Publish] to set the version with your adjustments to live.


There are 4 steps to start running Mopinion software using Google Tag Manager:

1. Create a tag containing the Mopinion script.

2. Create a rule that determines on which pages tags should be loaded.

3. Create a version to save a history of your changes.

4. Publish the version so that it is actively running on your site.