Do you want to build a feedback surveys in your email newsletters on your own? Mopinion: How to Use Feedback Surveys in Your Email Newsletters - Thumbs Icon

Just follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to 'Data collection' at the top of the page and click on 'Feedback forms'.


Step 2

If you haven't made any feedback forms yet, an empty page with just one option 'Add a feedback form' will appear. Move your mouse over this button and you will see two options: 'Start from scratch' and 'Pick a template'.

'Pick a template'

If you've chosen the 'pick a template' option you will be using pre-defined templates for your feedback form. An example of this would be the NPS template which analyses the Net Promotor Score of your organization. We have many templates to choose from.

To read more about feedback forms using the "Pick a template" option please read this article.

To start building your feedback form without the use of templates click:

'Start from scratch'

Step 3

The first step is to give your feedback form a name and click on 'Create form'. Here you can give the survey a name, after that you must click on the button "create form".


Step 4

In this example, we use the Thumbs rating element on the left side. You can however also use the Rating or Net Promotor Score element.


Step 5

Click on the element in the right column to edit the element.

Toggle the "HTML email snippet" option and click on the "email snippet" button.


The HTML of the snippet will now show up. You can now copy and paste it into your email template.

Step 6

Complete setting up the rest of your form and save it.

Step 7

Adding custom html to the landing page.

Go to the deployment of the form, select the share form tab and toggle the "use custom template as background" option.

Put the URL of the custom HTML background into the "Add custom Email-landingspage background" field.

Save the form one final time and you are set to send out your invites and start collecting feedback!

Mopinion users can create a background for their public email landing page using a webpage or HTML version of a newsletter.