This article contains references to our Classic interface that will become obsolete on July 1st. The most up-to-date article can be found on How do I add form logic based on cookies or URL parameters?

Here is an overview on how to add global logic to your form to prefill text fields, or hide or show questions based on website data. This function also allows for the email address to, rather than be stored in the website data, be stored in the email field of the form.

To add Global form rules follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the form builder and edit a form.


 Step 2

Add the elements you want the logic to apply to and save the form.

Step 3

Go to 'Global form rules'.


 Click on the + sign to add logic.


 Set the logic. In this case, we fill the email field with the URL parameter email.



 Click on the + sign to add the logic and save it.

 Then save the form and the logic is added.



If you want to check if it works Click on the preview button at the bottom of your screen.


The preview function will show a popup where you can set the URL parameter to test your logic.


 Now you can see the form is prefilled with the email parameter we set.

 You will also be able to use this function when you hide the element you are prefilling. This allows you to collect the email address in the correct field instead of the website data field.