This article contains references to our Classic interface that will become obsolete on July 1st. The most up-to-date article can be found on How do I change the position of my feedback button?

If you want to change the position of your feedback button on the website, you can edit this yourself. To do this, please follow the instructions below: 

Step 1

Go to 'Data Collection' and click on 'Feedback forms'.

Step 2

Now you will see a screen with the feedback forms you've created. Click on the feedback form you'd like to edit by clicking on the pencil button.

Step 3

Once you've clicked on the pencil, the feedback form will load and you can change your settings. To change the settings for the feedback button, click on 'Design' in the top bar of your feedback form menu.

Step 4

The screen below will appear. You can find the button settings on the right side of this page. The box highlighted in blue is the current position of your feedback button. The other grey boxes are the other positions can choose from.

Step 5

Once you've selected the position of your feedback button, don't forget to click on the 'save button' below. You can see the result by clicking the blue "preview" button.