This article contains references to our Classic interface that will become obsolete on July 1st. The most up-to-date article can be found on How do I build a feedback form?

Step 1

In the side menu go to Data collection -> Feedback forms.

Collapsed menu

Uncollapsed menu

Step 2

Select the New form button.

Step 3

Name your feedback form and select the type of form. See ... for the differences between the form types Responsive Feedback Form for Web and In-App Mobile Feedback Form.

Select the CREATE FORM button.


Step 4

You will start with an empty canvas.

Drag and drop the form elements into the canvas to include them in your form. See ... for a detailed overview of all the form builder elements. 


Step 5

Select DESIGN in the form builder menu.  


Layout form builder.

Form builder menu

Form element menu

Form element options