If you require to follow up on feedback items in another application then it can be quite handy to automatically forward your feedback items to that application. Mopinion provides webhook integrations for Slack, Rocket.chat, Asana and Trello. If you want to make use of a webhook integration than you can follow this guide

Alternatively, you can use inbound mail to connect to some applications. Below you will a step by step procedure to set this up for some well-known applications. If your application is not mentioned in step 1 you are still able to set up the connection if you have the application's inbound email address. Just proceed to step 2.

Step 1
Find the inbound email address of the application you want the feedback to be forwarded to.

Step 2
Make an account in Mopinion for the inbound email address of the application you want to forward the feedback to. Please see https://support.mopinion.com/knowledge_base/topics/add-and-manage-teammembers on how to add users.
Step 3
Create an alert for the account with the forward email address. Please see https://support.mopinion.com/knowledge_base/topics/how-do-i-use-feedback-email-alerts on how to set up alerts.
Inbound emails are best handled by your third party app when the toggle 'Send as plain text' is on.
When you switch the alert active toggle to on and save the alert you are done. From then on feedback items will be automatically forwarded to your application.